7 Free Things To Do In Las Vegas


Circus Circus has probably one of the most impressive free events in the entire city.  Everyday starting at 11 a.m. and going every 15 minutes world class circus performers will take the stage to entertain the crowds.  You can see clowns, trapeze artists, balancing acts and more.  We expected to be rather unimpressed with this but after watching it I couldn’t recommend it more it was definitely one of the highlights of the trip.  The only downside was that each act only lasts about half an hour.


2015-02-05 16.42.24

At Caesar’s Palace you can catch an living statue show depicting a battle between Athena and Aires for control of Atlantis resulting in the destruction of the fabled city.  Honestly before we got to Caesar’s Palace I didn’t have my expectations to high when I heard the description.  “Living Statues,” isn’t exactly something that I thought would be a huge payoff, but it went well beyond my expectations. The story told is actually pretty entertaining and the pyrotechnics are a delight.  This is a show you’ll want to check out and it doesn’t last very long so it won’t take up to much of your day if you have a lot planned.  If you aren’t in a hurry though get there early or stay after and check out the aquarium behind the show.  We spent a good half an hour before it started just watching all the different fish.


2015-02-05 14.19.11

More than just flamingos the wildlife habitat at the Flamingo is a great place to relax for a little while.  It has a whole host of birds like the casino’s namesake flamingos, hearings, ducks, and more as well as koi fish and turtles.  The habitat is gorgeous too with waterfalls and streams running throughout.


2015-02-05 16.56.00

This is one you can probably skip if you’re not already planning on going to The Venetian.  It isn’t really exciting, but that’s kind of the point.  The casino’s canals are a replica of the canals of gorgeous and the roof is so well painted it really looks like a day time sky (below,) but the living statues are just people dressed and painted in all white not moving for long periods of time.  And while that is extremely impressive it’s not something worth going out of your way for.


The Bellagio Fountain is seen in countless movies and television shows.  It is one of the most well-known attractions in Las Vegas and for good reason.  It really is an impressive sight to behold and no matter how many times you’ve seen it on TV it just doesn’t do it justice.  Since we were already there we decided to check out the conservatory inside the Bellagio as well.  Like the living statues at the Venetian this is probably one you can skip if you’re not planning on going inside the actual casino.  Even if you’re already at the fountain it’s a trek to go up to the actual casino and there just isn’t that much to see.  It was sad really as this was one of the attractions I was really looking forward to seeing as I love exotic plants and flowers.  But there was only about two kinds of different flowers when we went.  The attraction changes during different parts of the year though with new plants being brought in so maybe we just saw a bad exhibit.


The old strip of Las Vegas is by far my favorite part of town.  Everything is so alive and energetic.  There is a huge screen over the entire street with thousands of lights coordinated to the music playing.  Street performers line the street and range from the impressive to the strange.  The girlfriend and I saw a spray-paint artist, break dancers, guitar players, and cos players. The whole street is a night long party and you could spend hours walking up and down the couple blocks that make up the street.  It’s definitely the place to be if you’re looking for free entertainment in Vegas.


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