7 Free Things To Do In Any City In The World

Here at brokeastravelers we are all about traveling on a budget. While trying to travel the world and pay off debt it is important consider the value of what you are seeing and doing, more than the price. Sure it would be great to take a week-long cruise, go to a big concert, or eat at 5 star restaurant the whole trip but that is something the rich can afford. If you are like us than those are rare occasions that happen very often and after extensive deal hunting. There is no better value than getting to do a fun activity for free.

We list several activities you can do for free in nearly any city or country in the world. A bit of something for everyone no matter what your into.



Camping is free in many countries in the world. As long as you have a tent and sleeping bag you can go deep into nature and take in the breathtaking scenery. Whether you want to pitch your tent in the middle of the forest or on a secluded beach, you can get up close and personal with nature anywhere on earth.



Many museums and zoos offer free days to the public. Even the bigger name ones like the Louvre in France offer a day, first Sunday of every month, for the public to enter free of charge and see all or most of the sites. While the lines can be extreme and the wait tedious if you have a full day to spend and it’s something you have always wanted to do then it could definitely be worth your time.


In major cities it is pretty common for the city to offer walking tours. A guide will take you around showing you all the major sites, buildings, and offering you information on the city’s history. They’re great ways to get to know the city you’re in and see what it has to offer. These can last all day so make sure to set aside a big part of your time to take in what the city has to offer.



Some of the most beautiful landscapes in the world are accessible by hiking trail. If nature is your thing than strap on a pair of hiking boots and get out there. See the local plant and animal life as well as getting to see beautiful landscapes. Walking doesn’t cost money and it’s a great way to stay healthy to so it’s a win-win.


Especially big in Europe street performers, or buskers, can be really entertaining. In large tourist destinations these performers will show off their talents in the hopes of earning money from people watching on the street. While this is technically free to watch, if you do enjoy the performance and stick around to watch you should leave them a tip. That is how they make a living after all.



You’d be hard pressed to find a city or town that doesn’t hold some type of annual event. These are almost always free to enter and filled with plenty of activities to keep anyone entertained. While there are usually street vendors, merchant booths, and rides that will quickly eat up your savings, there are plenty of free activities to watch such as parades, concerts, athletic competitions, and more.

7. EAT


Look around any area you come into and chances are there is some religious organization holding a free breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Many times you have to be apart of the denomination holding the event but some are free and open to the public. If your looking for a quick meal or snack on the road be on the lookout for signs outside of the church, synagogue, mosque, etc. and you may just score yourself a free meal.


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