How I Travel and Pay Off My Debt: 11 Apps and Websites That Will Make You Money

Obviously you know I love to travel, I mean your reading my site. You also probably know that I am slowly paying off my student loan and credit card debt. I have over 40 thousand dollars in combined debt. I have set all of them up for the lowest payments I can make. All together I am paying about 80 dollars a month in debt. I also work 40 hours a week making less than $10 dollars an hour. All of my extra money after bills, rent, and groceries go towards our travel fund.

That $80 a month would take quite a bit away from my travel fund. Now I could go out and get a second job, but then I would have less time to travel so instead I have struck out online and through my cell phone to make the money I need to pay off that debt. That $80 a month seems much more manageable if you break it down to a daily amount. I only have to make an average of $2.66 a day to pay off my debt. When you think about it that way it doesn’t seem so hard to work through. You may have more than me but trust me if you work out an arrangement to get the lowest possible monthly payment you can make the money online and through apps to pay it off without getting a second job or taking out a cut of your paycheck every week. These are my favorites and many of them don’t even require me to do anything different than I normally would. I just have to do what I do everyday and companies will pay me for it. Here are my favorite apps and websites to make money:


Receipt Hog is a great little app that allows you to make money off your everyday purchases. When you go to the store and get a receipt you simply use your phone to take a picture of it. Then you get coins that can be redeemed for Paypal or Amazon credits. at 1000 coins you get $5, 1800 coins $10, 3200 coins $20, and 4500 coins is $30 dollars. Unless you are doing a great deal of shopping you probably wont hit any of these pay outs soon but hey you were just going to throw that receipt away anyway, right? Receipt hog also gives you tokens you can use for a slot game to win a chance at more coins. All you need to do is scan a receipt every week to earn tokens.

App trailer, on your smart phone, pays you for watching videos and downloading games. You get 5-10 points for every video you watch. You can watch new movie and video game trailers or even short Youtube videos. 500 points nets you $.50 to paypal or you can earn gift cards to various companies. The app also gives you a “daily scratcher,” a digital scratch off ticket that gives you a chance to earn larger bundles of points. I’ve watched trailers for movies such Star Wars: The Force Awakens, Ted 2, The Avengers; as well as video games like Zelda Wii U.

Ibotta and Check Out 51:
Both of these apps pay you for doing grocery shopping. Every week rebates are offered on these smart phone apps that pay you for your normal grocery shopping. You look through the offers and then go grocery shopping. When you buy the rebated products you take them home, scan the bar code and then the receipt. Then you get paid. The best part is that both of these apps offer you rebates for products you would have a hard time finding coupons for such as; produce, meat, and milk. I prefer Ibotta more because there are usually more and better offers and they offer rebates for certain products no matter what brand you get. If you buy cereal, for instance, it dosen’t matter what type of cereal brand it is as long as it meets the size or packaging qualifications.

Surveys On the Go:
This site wont pay you much, but I enjoy it because they only ever send you surveys you qualify for , there is no chance that you will spend two or three minutes on a survey only to find out that you didn’t qualify and waste all of your time. They also have pretty descent pay outs for very short surveys, (usually a minute or two at most) about $.50-$1.00.

How many times a day do you unlock your phone, a couple hundred? Wouldn’t you like to get paid for some of those unlocks? Slidejoy puts a paid advertisement on your phone’s lock screen. There is no reason to take advantage of these offers if you view the page or not you get paid. It only pays out $.01 cent per unlock and only pays for 30 unlocks a day, but you are going to unlock your phone anyway and if you unlock your phone 30 times a day for a month thats about $9.00 a month just for unlocking your phone. Payments are made through paypal and you don’t get the money right away you get it the month after you earn it, but the pay out is $2 minimum.

(If any of these links do not work try accessing from your smart phone.)



Probably one of the most well known and easiest ways to make money on the Internet. There are two ways to make money on these sites. You can either just sell some of the clutter or junk you have lying around the house or go out and look for products to sell. I personally use Ebay and Facebook flea market sites to find used video games to sell on Amazon. It makes me a pretty decent return, just make sure to take into account the price that both of these sites charge for selling with them. Ebay charges 10% of your sale price, but Amazon is a little bit more convoluted and I still haven’t figured out how they determine their cut of your sale. It has never been more than the reimbursement for shipping in my personal experience though, so usually I’m just out the price it takes me to actually mail the product.

I personally don’t like survey sites. I find them to be a waste of time, unless it pays out in miles, but I know some people have found success in them. is a well known survey site that pays out when you make $20. They have other ways to make money to such as watching videos and special offers to take advantage of as well.

Getting paid to read e-mails may seem to good to be true, but the fact is companies want you to see their ads and they will pay other companies to show them to you. Inboxdollars will pay you a portion of their profit to read those advertisements. You only make a couple of cents per e-mail but you can supplement that on the site with surveys, watching videos, games, and more.

In all honesty I’m new to text broker, but what I’ve seen of it I love it so far for my debt paying endeavors. It is a content mill for freelance writers. I know, if you’ve looked into freelance writing at all than you’ve probably heard terrible things about content mills. But I like this one the work is relatively easy and you don’t have to qualify for any of the assignments or the web-site itself. You simply create an account and then pick a writing assignment. They are generally short assignments; you write them up, submit your work, and once approved, you get paid. It generally only pays out about $1 for an 200-300 word article. You can earn more if your work is quality. But if I write three article a day, that takes about 20-40 minutes to research and write, that pays off my debt without using any of these other web sites or apps.

Now, just so you are aware none of these web sites are going to make you rich. But they are all very easy and many of them pay you for things you are already doing. If you pick a handful of your favorite, or all of them, you have your debt paid off each month without ever having to touch a part of your check. That means you will have more money to spend on trips and vacations. There are plenty of other web sites and apps out there that you can use to make money but these are my favorites and I have personally tried all of them and can tell you they work.

Hey, some of these links make me just enough money to buy a beer or take my girl out to dinner on our trips. When you click on them I get paid but you don’t pay anything extra. Thank you for clicking on them and I hope you like all of them as much as me!


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    1. adamleviness says:

      Yes, it is very worthwhile. It’s just on your phone making you money everyday. I generally make about ten dollars every other month or so.`


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