5 Ways to Give Yourself The Gift of Miles This Holiday

The Holidays are a rough time for people on a budget.  There are presents to buy, trips to plan, and of course dealing with the family is never an easy task.  With all the stress of the holidays fast approaching things can start to get pretty hectic.

Luckily for you the holidays are also a great time to rack up some extra bonus airline miles.  You are going to be exhausted and stressed out when January 1st finally rolls around.  A nice free trip is the perfect gift to give yourself after the season comes to a close.  Use these five tips and you could have enough miles to take a much needed vacation to start the new year.

1.  Sign up For A Rewards Card:

While you may not be able to sign up for a credit card to earn introductory promotion miles that doesn’t mean you should miss out on earning miles while doing your holiday gift shopping.  Many of the pre-paid debit cards and secure credit cards that are available offer up to one point for every two dollars spent.  Make all of your gift purchases with one of these cards and you could potentially earn a few hundred miles this year.

2.  Use Shopping Portals

You are already buying the gifts, and hopefully you signed up for the rewards card.  And if you’re like me than you do all of your holiday shopping online.  If you use your preferred airlines shopping portal combined with your points card you can get a decent amount of miles just by buying your gifts.  Last year I netted nearly 1,000 miles just by buying a couple of magazine subscriptions through Southwest Rapid Rewards shopping portal.

3.  Earn Points Through Travel

Are you traveling a long distance to be with friends and family this year?  The best way to earn miles without a credit card will always be flying.  If your going to be flying anyway make sure you don’t forget to enter your member number when booking your tickets so you get all the points you deserve.  Can you get to your destination with one of the partner airlines of the debit or secure cards you have?  Many airline will give you bonus points when using these cards to book a flight.  Not only will you earn miles for the flight itself but you’ll get the added bonus of earning through your card as well.  Make sure to check the details of your card to see if you qualify for this added bonus.

4.  Book a Hotel

While it’s definitely cheaper to stay in your old bedroom at your parents’, staying in a cramped house while the family is there can be pretty irritating.  Everyone is squeezed in together and it feels like your back in high school all over again.  Maybe you’re one of those rare people that actually enjoys going home for the holidays, but if you would rather not have to fight for bathroom time and share your bed with your older brother again, book a hotel instead.  If you book the hotel through your airlines partner hotels not only can you get away from all the family drama, but you can earn a nice miles bonus on your account.  Are there no partner hotels in the area you are visiting, try Rocketmiles.com and see what hotels they have instead.

5.  Rent a Car

Chances are you will have family coming to pick you up at the airport, but if that isn’t a luxury you have try renting a car for the holidays.  Use one of your airlines partners and earn miles. Book a flight, hotel, and rental car all through your airline and watch the miles add up.

There you have it, 5 extremely simple ways to earn miles for the things you are already doing this holiday season.  Can you think of anymore?  Post in the comments below, and have a Happy Holidays!

I benefit from some of these links by earning extra miles myself if you click on them, fortunately it doesn’t cost you anything extra.


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