Hello everyone my name is Adam Leviness and together with my girlfriend Ashley we are broke as travelers.  Our passion is traveling and seeing the world and doing it all on a very tight budget. While most of the travel blogs you see online are people who have given up everything to travel the world with nothing more then what is in their backpack, we hold down a 9 to 5 job and still have to worry about things like rent and bills.  We are just like you!  The only difference is that we do whatever we can to see the world one destination at a time.

It’s our hopes that with this website we can help other people realize their travel dreams and see the world.  Do you think that you can’t travel the world because you don’t have enough money?  Do you want to travel but you have to much responsibility and not enough time?  Well we make less than 40k a year, COMBINED.  I have a over 40k dollars in debt that I am actively paying off and a credit score hovering just around an abysmal 500.  My girlfriend has no credit score to at all.  And yet we travel to exotic locals both foreign and domestic

It’s a myth that traveling is reserved only for the rich.  It is not an unattainable goal for people like us.  With a little bit of hard work and some clever planning you to can travel all over the world.  Join us as we take you all over the world and help you follow your travel dreams.  If we can do it so can anyone!


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