Nelson’s Ledges Quarry Park is a privately run park that holds festivals from early spring until Halloween weekend.  Once a quarry, the crew dug too deep and hit a natural spring.  The Park is an amazing privately owned park that brings together a diverse melting pot of people from all over the country.  Great food, music, and interesting and friendly people make this by far my favorite spot in all of Ohio.



The festivals last all weekend and are held almost all spring, summer, and early fall.  Each festival lasts from Friday through Sunday and generally runs anywhere from $50-$100 depending on the venue.  Bigger name headliners will obviously run a higher cost.  While prices are set you can get a discount by pre-ordering your tickets online.  If the price tag is to expensive for you to go there all weekend you can get it even cheaper by just ordering a Sat/Sun ticket instead.  Since most of the biggest acts are on Saturday night you wont be missing much, but you will have a much harder time getting a good campsite.

The park is also open every non-festival day for regular camping.  It is $7/person for weekdays and $10 for weekends.  They even offer discounted rates for children.  The park is huge and definitely offers a lot to keep you busy even without a festival.  The price is more then worth it for all that they offer.

Most people opt for a tent in the woods or on top of the hill, but if RVing is more your style there is an entire area set aside for that as well.  Every campsite is set up with a fire pit and has more than enough room to keep you and multiple guests comfortable.  While they are somewhat closer to other camps than at more traditional camping grounds it may be one of the few places where this is a benefit, the people are all just to friendly to NOT interact with them.



Where to begin with what there is to do at Nelson’s Ledges?  There is an endless amount of options at the park.  The lake offers swimming, snorkeling, kayaking or canoeing, as well as laying out sunbathing on the beach.  All of this is open as long as there is a lifeguard on duty.  The park itself is beautiful and opens itself up to near endless exploration.  Taking in all of the scenery is more then enough to keep you satisfied.

An arcade is on site that is  pretty decently priced.  You wont be paying a dollar per play for any of the games there.  Unfortunately it is rather dilapidated.  When we went most of the games and vending machines were broken and the ones that weren’t were pretty dated.  That being said, being able to play some classic video games in the middle of the woods is pretty great for those of us who just can’t give up technology.

There are so many different types of festivals throughout the year that you will be able to find something for whatever taste in music you have.  They have BadFish (Sublime tribute concert), Gratefulfest, (Grateful Dead tribute concert) Summerdance, (dance club style music) and the ever popular Gorey in the Corey; a Halloween themed fall festival, as well as many others.  The main festival isn’t even the only entertainment when you go.  Most of the time individual campsites will hold a party inside a party.

Spinning is huge at the park.  If you are not sure what spinning is I recommend checking it out.  Whether it is hula-hooping, poi spinning, juggling, and more.  It’s not always an official show at the park but there are plenty of amateurs spinning with LED that you can catch a heck of a show.  Both times I have gone, however, the professional spinners The Ohio Burn Unit has been there which spins with fire, as well as a pretty impressive flaming sword fight.

While it is officially illegal to bring in any illicit substances their is a pretty large amount of hallucinogenic narcotics at the park.  If that isn’t your scene they are pretty easy to avoid and security does keep an eye out for them both at the gate and in the park.  With that being said you still see plenty of children running around the park and they are all very safe and having a good time.  Don’t let something like that deter you from going.  Everyone (on drugs or not,) has the utmost respect and compassion for everyone else.  No one wants to do any harm to anyone else and their is definitely a sense of community between strangers.



Plenty of food vendors line the main path of the park during the festival weekend.  Geared to a healthier type of food, such as vegetarian or vegan, if you’re picky you may not be able to find anything you are really interested in.  Since they are just vendors you can’t guarantee the same ones will be there every time.  Unfortunately these can be rather expensive.  If you are looking to eat on a budget this probably wont be your best bet.  Luckily there are fire pits in each campsite so if you’re trying to save the most money you can simply bring a cooler with food you can prepare on your own.  While the vendors are kind of expensive their is one permanent vendor that is comparatively cheap.  Disco Pizza is about $3 a slice or $5 for two and is open all night.  Honestly this is one of my top 3 favorite pizza places ever.  The portions are large and the crust is stuffed… with SAUCE!!!  If the only money you spend there is one Disco Pizza it will be well worth it.


Room & Board:  Order tickets online in advance for Saturday and Sunday and bring a tent.

Entertainment: Check out the Ohio Burn Unit spinning team (if they’re in attendance.)  Generally they perform after the concerts on the beach.

Food:  Disco Pizza.


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